Proxies (singular: proxy) are the servants of The Slender Man, so named as they act as the “proxies”, or the “link” between the human world, and the mind of the Pale King. They are the most common, most infamous of all the Fear Servants. Despite this distinction, and likely because of it, Proxies are the Fear Servants that are most likely to attempt to remain hidden through any means required. This leads to some proxies killing innocent bystanders alongside their target.

Proxies, when in public, living their life without an order to follow, are identical to any human being that can be found on the street, though there are some “signs” that can indicate that a random face in the crowd could be a proxy. These signs include: obsession with The Slender Man, vanishing without excuses, or with very weak excuses, antisocial qualities, and occasional sickness resembling Slender Sickness.

When serving their lord, the proxies don hoodies, jeans, and other clothing that hides their body (normally a black or similarly dark colour), and many wear masks that they have created or purchased.

Due to a telepathic connection between the Proxy and their master, many Proxies are diagnosed with illnesses such as: Manic-Depressive Disorder, Schizophrenia, OCD, and so on. Coupled with the lifestyle of the Proxy, many do develop actual mental disorders. However, few seek treatment, as the drugs designed to combat the effects of a mental disorder also have the effect of clouding the connection between the Proxy and the Master, which causes fear and a sense of depression in all Proxies. It should be noted that many Fear-like Entities copy the Pale Lord, and thus the name “Proxy” also is applied to the servants of many Fear-like Entities, though they may be different in methods. An example of this is the servants of the being The Blind One, who dress and act very similarly to Proxies, however, they often remove the eyes of the victim, while a Proxy of the Slender Man would simply kill the target.