A Runner is the name given to any human being who is “running” from a Fear or a Fear-Like Entity. Runners can be of any age, any backround, and any culture, as Fears are totally indiscriminate in whom they kill (save a select few who aid Runners or otherwise ignore some humans).

Runners develop a sickness similar to radiation poisoning known as “Slender Sickness”, though it is named for The Slender Man, all Fears produce this effect in their victims, with little variation between the Fears. All Fears give Runners only two options: Become their slave, or die. And most often, the choice is made for the Runner. Even so, becoming a Fear Servant can be considered by many to be worse than death. M any Runners develop an obsession over the Fear chasing them, similar to Stockholm Syndrome. Others still may have within them kindled a deep hate, a will to do nothing but destroy the Fear chasing them, or to die trying.