These are the rules and regulations of the site. In most cases, the details of bans are left vague, for the individual Admin to interpret as he or she sees fit. In most cases, a single admin can resolve issues, however, in cases where that cannot occur, the Founder (Lord Dalek) should be contacted on his message wall, or several admins should discuss it together to reach a conclusion. 

Major RulesEdit

Cosmic ConceptsEdit

Fears and Fear-Like Entities are as Cosmic as this wiki's character may get. While concepts on The Fear RP Wiki proper may suggest this Role-Play should have Gods, Lovecraftians, and Primordials, they have no place here. 

Admins may choose a ban no longer than 1 Year for the first offense, and such a long ban should only occur if there is a serious breach of this rule. Second offenses may be permanent bans. 

Respect all usersEdit

While yes, trolls and spammers are annoying, they are still users of this site. Everyone, from the Founder to the troll on chat deserves respect (though the latter will be banned for breaking this rule, most likely). 


Editing for nothing more but to get points is strictly prohibited. Anyone suspected of this shall have their edit history investigated, and possibly banned, based on how prolific they are, if their edits are seen as unneeded by at least two admins.


Anyone intentionally attempting to incite rage upon the forums, message walls, or chat will be banned for at least two hours. 


Respectful discussion of religion and religious concepts is totally allowed on the main chat, as long as all users are comfortable with the discussion. Otherwise, the conversation must be taken to Personal Messages. 

However, people who simply say they are superior due to religion or that other users will "burn in hell" to use a common example, will be banned for at least a day. 

Accusations and Burden of ProofEdit

Anyone accusing any Admin or User of breaking any rule listed above or below has the burden of proof upon them. If an admin was present, the Admin can make a choice. However, if no Admin is on, or the rule-breaking occured in Personal Messages, then screenshots or other proof (such as user testimonies) must be provided, or the case shall be declared void.